Timber Framing

Oven Shed Frame – Eastern White Pine, Black Cherry, Black Walnut

  • Scribed frame joinery with curved corner braces and integrating round/forked/natural timbers
  • Hybrid handtool/powertool construction


Cooke House – White Oak, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Reed Mace, Wattle & Daub

  • Reproduction timber frame house in the style of early 17th century earth-fast colonial buildings
  • Hand-hewn and pit-sawn timbers joined using scribe rule methods, joints cut with reproduction 17th century hand tools
  • Hand harvested scantling (studs, rafters, etc) wattle, and thatch
  • Most work completed in front of visiting public at Plimoth Plantation living history museum
  • Joiners work (door, shutters, shelves, etc) completed using 100% authentic methods and tools
  • Hand riven Northern Red Oak clapboards


Apiary – Eastern White Pine, Northern Red Oak

  • Timber framed apiary (bee hive shed) with mortise and tenon joints
  • Hand riven Red Oak shingles applied using riven oak pegs



  • Hand hewn beams for use in historical building reproductions
  • Hand scored, hand fletched, and hand hewn using all double bevel, 17th century english style tools


Replacement Shingle Roof – Atlantic White Cedar, White Oak

  • Replacement roof using hand dressed shingles
  • Hand nailed, ridge shingles installed with traditional offset row pegged with riven white oat pegs




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