Miscellaneous Modern Work

Small Laminated Box – Black Walnut, Hard Maple, African Mahogany, Black Cherry

  • Strip laminated decorative top & bottom
  • Custom fit compartments for sound deadening ear-buds
  • Imbedded rare earth magnet closure
  • All powertool construction


One Piece Bookstand – Shagbark Hickory

  • Hybrid handtool/powertool construction
  • Based on Andrè Roubo’s folding bookstand plans


Laminated Cutting Boards – Hard Maple, Black Walnut, Black Cherry

  • Laminated cutting boards make from offcuts and scrap pieces
  • All powertool construction


Victorian Exterior House Shingles – Atlantic White Cedar

  • Exterior siding based on traditional victorian styled shingles


Miscellaneous Boxes

  • Ink Box: Hard Maple construction with African Mahogany inlaid lid, small box for holding calligraphy ink bottles
  • Presentation Gift Box: Scotts Pine, hand engraved celtic knots and family motto,  hand cut woven celtic knot embellishments
  • Jewelry Box: African Mahogany with Purple Heart accents, Velvet lined interior and divisions


Sharpening Bench – Hard Maple, Black Ash, Poplar Plywood

  • Small bench & cabinet for workshop sharpening, light duty metal work, and solvent & finish storage
  • Reclaimed and laminated Hard maple bench top
  • Dadoed plywood carcass construction

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