Historical Reproductions

Trestle Table – Eastern White Pine, Northern Red Oak

  • Replacement top and stretcher repair for trestle table
  • Breadboarded ends, wedged tusk tenon stretcher, all hand tool construction


Wheel Barrow – White Oak, American Elm, Red Oak, Wrought Iron

  • All pit-sawn stock and hand tool construction
  • Iron staked tires, 4-piece fellow wheel design
  • Based on 17th century pictorial references


Fireplace Bellows – White Ash, Veg. Tanned Leather, Copper Tacks, Hide Glue

  • All hand tool construction
  • Based off pictorial references and extant Mary-Rose ship artifact


Miscellaneous Other Reproductions

  • Carpenter’s toolbox – Eastern White Pine, Wrought Nails
  • Small ash box – Eastern White Pine, White Oak, Wrought Nails
  • Hand carved wooden grave marker – White Oak
  • Shaving Mare – Eastern White Pine, Sassafras, White Oak
  • Garden Gate – Riven Red Oak, Wrought Nails







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