Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake Boxes – Black Cherry

  • Production level keepsake boxes for clients of Amanda MacDonald Photography
  • Milled, dimensioned, and joined using power tools Smoothed and fitted using hand tools
  • Designed to fit a photo album, guest book, ephemeral paper products, and small corked glass keepsake bottles
  • Half-blind dovetailed carcass using dovetailing jig & router
  • Breadboarded top using a combination of power tool jigs and hand chopped mortises

Timber Framing

Oven Shed Frame – Eastern White Pine, Black Cherry, Black Walnut

  • Scribed frame joinery with curved corner braces and integrating round/forked/natural timbers
  • Hybrid handtool/powertool construction


Cooke House – White Oak, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Reed Mace, Wattle & Daub

  • Reproduction timber frame house in the style of early 17th century earth-fast colonial buildings
  • Hand-hewn and pit-sawn timbers joined using scribe rule methods, joints cut with reproduction 17th century hand tools
  • Hand harvested scantling (studs, rafters, etc) wattle, and thatch
  • Most work completed in front of visiting public at Plimoth Plantation living history museum
  • Joiners work (door, shutters, shelves, etc) completed using 100% authentic methods and tools
  • Hand riven Northern Red Oak clapboards


Apiary – Eastern White Pine, Northern Red Oak

  • Timber framed apiary (bee hive shed) with mortise and tenon joints
  • Hand riven Red Oak shingles applied using riven oak pegs



  • Hand hewn beams for use in historical building reproductions
  • Hand scored, hand fletched, and hand hewn using all double bevel, 17th century english style tools


Replacement Shingle Roof – Atlantic White Cedar, White Oak

  • Replacement roof using hand dressed shingles
  • Hand nailed, ridge shingles installed with traditional offset row pegged with riven white oat pegs



Miscellaneous Modern Work

Small Laminated Box – Black Walnut, Hard Maple, African Mahogany, Black Cherry

  • Strip laminated decorative top & bottom
  • Custom fit compartments for sound deadening ear-buds
  • Imbedded rare earth magnet closure
  • All powertool construction


One Piece Bookstand – Shagbark Hickory

  • Hybrid handtool/powertool construction
  • Based on Andrè Roubo’s folding bookstand plans


Laminated Cutting Boards – Hard Maple, Black Walnut, Black Cherry

  • Laminated cutting boards make from offcuts and scrap pieces
  • All powertool construction


Victorian Exterior House Shingles – Atlantic White Cedar

  • Exterior siding based on traditional victorian styled shingles


Miscellaneous Boxes

  • Ink Box: Hard Maple construction with African Mahogany inlaid lid, small box for holding calligraphy ink bottles
  • Presentation Gift Box: Scotts Pine, hand engraved celtic knots and family motto,  hand cut woven celtic knot embellishments
  • Jewelry Box: African Mahogany with Purple Heart accents, Velvet lined interior and divisions


Sharpening Bench – Hard Maple, Black Ash, Poplar Plywood

  • Small bench & cabinet for workshop sharpening, light duty metal work, and solvent & finish storage
  • Reclaimed and laminated Hard maple bench top
  • Dadoed plywood carcass construction



Workbench – American Beech, White Oak, Eastern White Pine

  • Roubo “french-style” thick top workbench
  • All handtool construction
  • Large through-dovetail leg joints
  • Draw-bored mortise and tenon undercarriage
  • Under-mount drawer with half blind dovetails, and interior nesting & sliding trays

Nail Cabinet

Nail Cabinet – Eastern White Pine, Milk Paint

  • Nail/Fastener cabinet based on Roy Underhill’s nail cabinet
  • Hybrid construction: Lumber milled and dimensioned with power tools, joinery and assembly done with hand tools
  • Dovetailed carcass, egg crate dividers, tortise and tenon raised panel door

17th Century Tools

Jointer Plane – American Beech, Wrought Iron, Tool Steel

  • All hand tool construction
  • Exact replica of Mary-Rose ship jointer plane


Layout & Markup Tools – American Beech, Northern Red Oak, Tool Steel

  • English style Try-Square: Based on Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanik Exercises”
  • 1 foot and 2 foot rulers: Inch, 1/2″, and 1/4″ divisions. Based on extant Mary-Rose ship artifacts
  • Marking Gauge: Based on Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanik Exercises”
  • Dividers: Based on Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanik Exercises”


English Board Saw – Hard Maple, Spring Steel

  • All hand tool construction
  • Based on the Queenhithe Dock excavation (1609) artifacts


Whet Stone & Case – Northern Black Slate, Eastern White Pine

  • Hand foraged and hand cut slate sharpening stone
  • Traditionally decorated holding case
  • Based on artifacts from the Mary-Rose ship


Taylor’s Ell – American Beech, Copper, Brass

  • Taylor’s measuring ell based off historical images and engravings
  • Marked with Inches, 1/2″, 1/4″ Flemish Ell, Thumb, English Ell, and Cloth Yard
  • Inlaid brass markings for common cloth measurments
  • Custom carved initials and Tudor Rose embellishments
  • Bound in copper bar with copper rivets

Historical Reproductions

Trestle Table – Eastern White Pine, Northern Red Oak

  • Replacement top and stretcher repair for trestle table
  • Breadboarded ends, wedged tusk tenon stretcher, all hand tool construction


Wheel Barrow – White Oak, American Elm, Red Oak, Wrought Iron

  • All pit-sawn stock and hand tool construction
  • Iron staked tires, 4-piece fellow wheel design
  • Based on 17th century pictorial references


Fireplace Bellows – White Ash, Veg. Tanned Leather, Copper Tacks, Hide Glue

  • All hand tool construction
  • Based off pictorial references and extant Mary-Rose ship artifact


Miscellaneous Other Reproductions

  • Carpenter’s toolbox – Eastern White Pine, Wrought Nails
  • Small ash box – Eastern White Pine, White Oak, Wrought Nails
  • Hand carved wooden grave marker – White Oak
  • Shaving Mare – Eastern White Pine, Sassafras, White Oak
  • Garden Gate – Riven Red Oak, Wrought Nails






Tool Chest

Dutch Style Tool Chest – Eastern White Pine, Milk Paint

  • All handtool construction
  • Based on Dutch style tool chests
  • Bread boarded top, dovetailed carcass, drop panel front panel, two piece design to allow for easier one-person moving